The Fire-on-the-Mountain Cloggers
at the Texas Folklife Festival


The Texas Folklife Festival celebrates the diverse cultural groups that combine to give Texas its unique “flavor.”  For three days in June this marvelous event allows each culture to offer its own unique food, music, dance and crafts.  It’s an exercise in belonging, as each group invites everyone to be a part of the best their culture has to offer. 


Fire on the Mountain Cloggers have been proud participants since 1983.  We usually debut at least one routine at the Texas Folklife Festival and last year we debuted our two newest numbers.  Celtic Clog featured both Irish dance steps and Appalachian style clogging performed to authentic Irish music.  Irish “leaps” and hard shoe steps were mingled with old time clogging.  One group of dancers performed all traditional flat-foot clogging steps low to the ground while the others leaped and twirled with a few high kicks added for good measure.



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