The Fire-on-the-Mountain Cloggers
at the Texas Folklife Festival

The Fire on the Mountain Cloggers feature traditional or freestyle clogging in addition to precision clog dance routines and old time flat footing.  At almost every show we demonstrate the different ethnic influences on this old time folk dance such as the English Lancaster clog  and the German polka.  The German influence also includes a demonstration of the shuplatler.   Sometimes Professor Katzenjammer, emcee on one of the dance stages, gets in on the act.  We also feature an Irish segment we refer to as RiverClog. 

Our Silent Routine, which displays various forms of clogging such as flat footing, precision clog dance, shuffling, and the dragging clog, is always a favorite and the steps really resonate on the wooden stages.  The pulsating taps create a staccato rhythm and the crowd often appears mesmerized.  The Texas Folklife Festival is an opportunity to shine. 

Occasionally Fire on the Mountain Cloggers will perform in The Clearing.  This interactive venue at the Festival is often the site of audience participation type events including a watermelon seed spitting contest, trick roping, a contra dance workshop, a Hawaiian luau, and other exciting activities. Frequently our dancers will participate in learning the traditions of other cultures…a favorite Folklife pastime is attempting to master the Filipino Folk Dancers’ art of tinikling.


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